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About us

Shalati Adventure Lodge affords you the ultimate in a bush experience.

Entering the gates at Shalati you become part of the community, a community that cares for each other that join hands in strengthening our Rainbow Nation.

The community shares in the income of the lodge as its Directors comprises of members of the community as well as business people from the private sector.

We pride ourselves that only people from the local community are employed at the lodge. Staff are trained in various skills needed to operate the lodge. They are encouraged to become involved in the well being of the guests to ensure excellent service delivery.

It is noteworthy that from the money earned at Shalati approximately 300 people are fed and looked after on a daily basis. This includes the immediate as well as distant relatives of Shalati employees.
Shalati provides working opportunities to approximately 5% of the local community over a period of a year.

From time to time Shalati uses contract workers from the community as the need arises. These include for example building contractors and electricians. Fresh produce, including eggs, vegetables, etc are purchased from the local trade and used for the meals at Shalati. Some of the utensils like salt & pepper pots, salad bowls and other containers are handcrafted by ladies from the community and sold to management at the lodge.

The culture of understanding that the needs of the guests staying at the lodge are top priority, is of the utmost importance to everybody at the lodge, management as well as staff.

Shalati is actively involved in a community project. The Ntshuxeko Day Care Centre has been identified as the project for development. This project aims to help disadvantaged children to reach their full potential and aid in the formation and development of future leaders from the community for the community.

With a variety of different types of accommodation we are able to cater for clients with different budgets. Team Building groups, school groups as well as the guests who enjoy more comfort can be accommodated.  Our rates makes provision for these different categories but are still very affordable and falls within a two to three star category.

It is advisable for guests visiting Shalati to take precaution medicine against malaria, as the lodge is within the malaria area. The climate at Shalati in summertime varies from between 25-45 degrees and in winter months May-September, day temperatures are never lower than 20 degrees.

A variety of activities are on offer at the lodge: such as game drives, bush walks and cycling trips, to afford visitors close encounters with the primal rhythm of African wildlife. Transfers can be done from the two airports in close proximity to the lodge.