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VLH Foundation

Vanhu Lava Hlayisaka Foundation

VLH Foundation

Vanhu Lava Hlayisaka is the Shangaan translation for People Who Care and therefore has been chosen as the name of the foundation.  due to the difficult pronunciation, it has been decided to simply combine the first letters of each word to form the foundation's name.

The VLH Foundation will be a community foundation created for the people in the Mnii tribal area.  It will allow people with humanititarian interests to easily and effectively support the issues they care about  immediately, or through their will.  Income from the VLH Foundation's discretionary funds eill be spent primarily for local purposes, to solve community or regional problems and improve the lives of people in it's geographic service area.

Foundation's Goals

The main aim of this foundation will be to build and develop the Mnisi community and it's members.

Sources of Financial Income

The foundation will make use of external funding from companies and individuals who wish to help the Mnisi community overcome their challenges.  Support in the form of physical help and / or resources (other than money) will also be accepted and used in the way seen most effective at the given time.

 Foundation's Vision and Mission

Striving for and achieving standards of excellence in every sphere of our activities and to develop a deep inderstanding of the needs and abilities of the Mnisi community.  We aim at creating an enviroment where individuals, with diverse skills and experience, can grow to their full potential through development, empowerment and recognition.


The main aim of this project is to develop a creche that will produce future leaders to the community and possibly to the Republic of South Africa


Helping each child to reach his / her full potential and so aid in the formation and development of future leaders from the community for the community.